Buffer Zone


Buffer Zone

Back in 2009 I visited Cyprus, pulled there by the stories of an abandoned airport and a mythical car park that housed a stash of Alfa Romeos that hadn’t been touched since the Turkish invasion and subsequent annexing of the island in 1974.

The stash of Alfa Romeos turned out largely to be an urban myth, but after meeting with the UN I gained access to the abandoned Nicosia Airport, the first photographer to do so for for 35 years.

Following the release of these pictures I went back to the island in 2011 with NewsWeek Magazine. We met with conciliatory activists on both sides of the island, as well as the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. All are looking for a resolution to the ‘Cyprus Problem’ and as I write talks are ongoing in Geneva aimed at reunification.

The Buffer Zone is a scar that runs the width of the island and to the east includes the infamous town of Famagusta. Once a thriving port and gateway to the East it is home to many ancient artefacts and was also the Island’s most prominent resort prior to being annexed.

The NewsWeek article can be seen here.


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