OlymPics Off Track


OlymPics Off Track

OlymPics Off Track was a project from 2012 that I shot with Diego Mayon. We were both in London at the time and happily not that busy so we spent a lot of time watching the Olympics, and we wanted to produce a set of photos that were looking the other direction from the rest of the world’s cameras.

I couldn’t understand the air of apathy that was around in the build up to the Olympics – it actually drove me a little crazy. There were so many people that left town, as all over the media there were horror stories about what a nightmare it was going to be for Londoners. You could literally feel the mood change the moment the Red Arrows flew over the city and see everyone beam with pride during the opening ceremony. It was emotional!

It was a great time to be in London. It was actually empty – far less busy than usual which was so strange as the biggest show on earth was in town. The overall mood in the city was incredible. Driving around was a dream – everyone was smiling and so courteous and kind to each other. Living in Hackney made it even more special as I could literally walk to Hackney Wick and enjoy an amazing meal while watching Usain Bolt break world records on the telly, hearing the crowd scream in the stadium across the canal.

I followed a bunch of Dutch fans on bicycles all through Hackney and watched the hipsters all cheer as they rode by. A few days later I retraced the route with my sister and while we were on Hackney Marshes having a drink and soaking it all up one evening we heard the crowd roaring from the stadium. We put BBC on our iPhones and watched Mo Farah win the 5,000 meters in the background. Good times.


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